Missing Flights Are Terrifying



Missing flight are terrifying. Some find flying a scary experience this will only make that fear worse, but it is the safest way to travel. Many factors can be an input to the cases where planes just disappear. The issue is the scope of the distances involved in the search areas is a big issue when  looking for downed planes. The scary aspect is the random way which these cases happen. We have possible certain parties causing planes to go missing on purpose and others where there are reports of extra terrestrial elements which make for the whole world of missing flights to be even more terrifying. I have put together a list of cases and resources where you can start to look into this phenomenon it makes for an interesting rabbit hole to go down. 



Wreckage of missing plane found 56 years after mystery

The ‘Blue Goose’ was carrying US servicemen to Taiwan


What really happened to Flight MH370?

Seven years after the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines plane, a French investigative journalist says she’s getting closer to the truth KUALA LUMPUR: A group of aviation experts believe that they have located the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, more than six years after the airplane vanished on March 8, 2014.

flight crush

Underwater mystery: Did diver find Navy plane that crashed off coast in 1943?

SBD Dauntless crashed during training with two aboard; their bodies were never recovered


Top 10 Aviation Mysteries of All the Time

Top 10 Aviation Mysteries of All the Time. The MH370 or EgyptAir 804 flights are only the latest aviation mysteries in a long line of puzzles.



The mystery of flight 574

ON NEW year’s day, 2007, a Boeing 737 airliner carrying 96 passengers and six crew members disappeared from the skies above Indonesia. Adam Air…


The incredible tale of Flight 870, Italian aviation’s darkest secret

What happened to Flight 870 to pluck it so brutally from the sky 40 years ago?

The enduring mystery of the lost diamonds from the crash of Swissair Flight 111

More than five kilograms of diamonds and jewels. A Picasso worth millions. Nearly 50 kilograms in cash. The fate of many millions of dollars of valuables said to be carried aboard Swissair Flight 111 when it went down off Nova Scotia 20 years ago this Sunday remains unknown.


The Bermuda Triangle: What Science Can Tell Us About the Mysterious Ocean Region

A region of the ocean purported to swallow ships whole has fascinated us for decades. But is there any truth to the tales?


Thanks to an Old Photograph, an Explorer Believes He Can Solve the Mystery of Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance Once and for All

Explorer Robert Ballard, who found the wreck of the Titanic, may finally solve the mystery of aviatrix Amelia Earhart’s 1937 disappearance.


Sea Turtles’ ‘Lost Years’ Mystery Starts to Unravel | University of Central Florida News

Sea Turtles’ ‘Lost Years’ Mystery Starts to Unravel | Read more about UCF Colleges & Campus, Community, Research, Orlando and Central Florida news.


SC man was on top secret Army flight lost at sea. Families still wonder why they died

Army Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 crashed in Pacific in 1962. Families search for answers and soldiers’ place on Vietnam War memorial wall to honor deaths.

aeroplane incident

Patrick memorial honors crew lost in aviation mystery

A 1945 search-and-rescue flight departing Naval Air Station Banana River became part of a great aviation mystery.


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Yukon couple’s discovery of crashed plane solves 50-year mystery

Last summer, two Canadian airplane enthusiasts found a destroyed U.S. Coast Guard plane in Atlin Provincial Park. This year, they went back with relatives of one of the men who died in the crash.


MH370 mystery: Head of search calls for fresh attempt to find missing plane based on new evidence – NZ Herald

A new report into the seven-year mystery casts doubt on the ‘rogue pilot’ theory.


75 years later, Navy “Flight 19” remains a mystery

It’s one of the enduring mysteries in US military lore. December 5 marks 75 years since the disappearance of “Flight 19” in the Bermuda Triangle.


Navy Submarine, Missing for 75 Years, Is Found Off Okinawa (Published 2019)

Private explorers found the U.S.S. Grayback beneath 1,400 feet of water after realizing that a mistranslated Japanese war record had pointed searchers in the wrong direction.

c130 airplane

Mystery of the Skies: Solving the Crash of Pan American Flight 7

What happened aboard the plane remains a mystery, but not to Ken Fortenberry, who reveals the details in his new book, Flight 7 Is Missing.


Mystery of MH370 ‘May Never be Solved’

Experts believe the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder may not yield answers on the riddle of how and why the plane diverted an hour into the flight.More on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370


Alien Abduction Or Pilot Error? – Plane & Pilot Magazine

Was the disappearance off the coast of Australia of a low-time, UFO-obsessed pilot 42 years ago an alien abduction or pilot error?


Monument Honoring US Soldiers Lost in 1962 Plane Crash to Be Unveiled in Maine

Flying Tiger Line Flight 739, a charter flight carrying U.S. military, disappeared on March 16, 1962, somewhere between Guam and the Philippines.


Monument honoring soldiers lost in mysterious 1962 plane crash

A new monument honoring the U.S. Army soldiers who lost their lives in a mysterious 1962 plane crash in the Pacific Ocean will be unveiled next month at the Wreaths


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did they find flight 370

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 – Latest news updates, theories, pictures, video and more – Mirror Online

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on 8 March 2014 carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew. The Boeing 777 had left Kuala Lumpur at 00.41 for Beijing Airport but lost contact which air traffic controllers at around 01.22am as it crossed the South China Sea. In July 2014 a Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in Ukraine, near the Russian border.


MISSING IN ACTION: 10 Famous aircraft disappearance mysteries

A list of aircraft incidents that still pose a conundrum to the industry


Missing Aircraft Mysteries: From Malaysia MH370 To Flying Tiger Flight 739, Still No Answers

Malaysia MH370 remains missing, while a memorial for 107 people lost when Flying Tiger, Flight 739 disappeared brings closure.


MH370 report: Missing plane mystery ‘unacceptable’ | DW | 03.10.2017

A report on the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 says the ongoing mystery over plane’s fate is “unacceptable” and “almost inconceivable” in the modern era. The jet had 239 people onboard when it vanished in 2014.


MH370 mystery: Search resumes for the plane that went missing nearly four years ago

Malaysia took up an offer by U.S. exploration firm Ocean Infinity to look for the Boeing 777 plane, newspaper The Star reported.

malaysia airlinesflight

MH370 mystery: Captain Zaharie Shah’s ‘close friend’ received heartbreaking note

MH370 was initially believed to have crashed in the South China Sea – and a ‘close friend’ of Captain Zaharie Shah received a heartbreaking note on its apparent location just days after the plane went missing.


Did Roy Wagner’s father die in a fiery crash of a C-124A Globemaster, the icy Atlantic, or a Soviet gulag?


Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 left ‘false trails’ before disappearing, new research suggests

New research based on new tracking technology suggests the pilot in command of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 deliberately made a series of turns to avoid detection before flying the doomed plane into the southern Indian Ocean.


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: “That airplane could have landed somewhere.”


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Bomb? Pilot suicide? Shot down? Catastrophic decompression? How does a jet vanish into thin air?



Because of its size and its proximity to an Air Force base and commercial airports, the Great Salt Lake has become the final resting place for a number of aircraft. Hill Air Force Base’s main flight path crosses the lake and many commercial planes also cross over the lake en route to the Salt Lake International Airport.

malaysian flight mh370 found in indian ocean

Two Royal Canadian Air Force airmen would become the first to die in Canada in the Second World War, but they would not be found until 1958.


Lake Michigan plane crash that killed Detroit Salt mine president to remain a mystery

NTSB finding is “undetermined” in airplane engine failure that caused eath of Emanuel Z. “EZ” Manos of the Detroit Salt Co., and pilot Randal Dippold.


Investigative journalist reveals shocking new theory on missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

A French investigative journalist has alleged that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 may have been shot down by the US Air Force seven years ago.


Investigating Amelia Earhart’s disappearance mystery with neutrons | Penn State University

Researchers at Penn State are using the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor to study a metal patch that may be from Amelia Earhart’s plane.


Indian Ocean debris almost certainly from Boeing 777

Plane debris washed up on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean is almost certainly part of a Boeing 777, a Malaysian official and aviation experts said, potentially providing some answers for families of those aboard last year’s vanished flight MH370.

missing airplane flight

History Space: Mystery of the missing jet

A corporate aircraft vanishes over Lake Champlain on a cold 1971 night


History Space: Mystery of the missing jet

A corporate aircraft vanishes over Lake Champlain on a cold 1971 night


UNSOLVED MYSTERY | Search for missing airliner, NWA Flight 2501, resumes in Lake Michigan

The incident marked the worst aviation disaster in the United States at that time.


Going off the radar: Why IAF’s AN 32 mystery mirrors crash of Dornier last year

The AN 32 transport aircraft, which had been upgraded by the air force last year, went missing on Friday morning, with a massive search operation launched.


Going off the radar: Why IAF’s AN 32 mystery mirrors crash of Dornier last year

The AN 32 transport aircraft, which had been upgraded by the air force last year, went missing on Friday morning, with a massive search operation launched.

the airplane that disappeared

Found: The plane wreck that could solve a 50-year-old mystery

After 10 years of talking to fishermen in pubs, Grahame Knott has found the wreck of a plane that fell into the English Channel in 1969.


Federal investigators close case in fatal plane crash mystery | Juneau Empire

Federal investigators have closed their investigation into an Admiralty Island plane crash discovered last year, nine years after its pilot and his younger son went missing.



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