The Most Haunted Places In Los Angeles



Los Angeles is scary and haunted with a history of film stars and mysterious goings on its full of ghosts. The city of angels has a long history from the first first inhabitants to modern day the city has experienced a whole host of mysteries. Hauntings and spooky goings on are a well known in LA. Be it a haunted ship the Queen Mary or the strange goings on at the Cecil hotel or anything in between. There are a long history of bizarre happenings in Los Angeles. here is a collection of site where you can get tales from the city to send a chill down your spine.


8 Hollywood Haunts That Are Seriously Haunted

This Encyclopedia Britannica pop culture list features 8 haunted places in Hollywood.


9 Haunted Hotels for a Halloween Freight You’ll Want to Forget

Halloween is a masochistic time of year when some of us take pleasure in fear. Here are 9 haunted hotels for a Halloween fright you’ll want to forget.


A Haunted Road Trip: Travel at Your Own Risk through California

Halloween is upon us! Add some spark to your autumn with a haunted road trip through American towns filled with spooky stories and paranormal activity.


the most haunted house in california


Creepy Ghost Stories – Real Stories of the Paranormal | Haunted places Los Angeles.

Americas tinsel town, home to the Hollywood’s rich and famous, full of glitz and glam and GHOSTS.


Creepy Ghost Stories About Los Angeles

It shouldn’t come as much of surprise that Los Angeles, with its glitzy, sordid past, has seen some sh*t. And that can cause some unruly spirits. There are …


DoLA’s Haunted Guide To The City

Just in case 2020 hasn’t been scary enough for you, we’ve come up with a couple of ways to catch more thrills for the spooky season. Los Angeles is rich with history and Hollywood scandals leaving plenty of fuel for paranormal activity. We’ve collected the


Follow this Self-Guided Tour of Haunted Downtown L.A.

Spend your Halloween walking in the footsteps of haunted Los Angeles. Our self-guided audio tour tells you spooky stories about historic DTLA spots.

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From Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley: Inside Hollywood’s Top Ghost Sightings

Even after death, Rudolph Valentino, Elvis Pressley and Marilyn Monroe dominate the ghost-sighting charts (if there were any) and are spotted all over Los Angeles.


Ghost Guide to Los Angeles’ Most Haunted Places

Los Angeles is the city of angels… and ghosts! If you’re headed to La-La Land, and you’re thinking about adding a few scares to your adventure, then look no fu


Ghost Historian to Address Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society Annual Tea – Larchmont Buzz – Hancock Park News

Learn about the spooky history of several local hotes at the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society’s Annual Tea this weekend.


Ghost Stories > News > USC Dornsife

Philip J. Ethington of history and political science stirs up more than spirits with his ambitious multimedia history Ghost Metropolis — he seeks to raise and answer complex questions about how Los Angeles came to be.


ghost places near me

Ghost Tour in Los Angeles: Los Angeles Ghost Tours | Travelocity

Find the BEST Ghost & Vampire Tours tickets and tours recommended by travelers in Los Angeles on Travelocity


Griffith Park — The Haunted And Cursed — Heart Of Los Angeles

Griffith Park — The Haunted And Cursed — Heart Of Los Angeles – North Hollywood-Toluca Lake, CA – The stomping grounds of many a killer and the final resting place of many a victim, some say Griffith Park is haunted or maybe just cursed.


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Just try to get through this post without getting chills.


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real haunted houses in los angeles

Haunted Los Angeles: Exploring the Shadier Side of the City of Angels

Travel, Fashion and Fun!


Haunted Places in Los Angeles

Discover some of the haunted places in Los Angeles, from Hollywood hotels to old zoos and cursed intersections. Find your next spooky adventure right next door!


Haunted Places to Visit in Southern California – Nightly Spirits

Southern California is all about surf, sand, and sunshine. The amazing weather and stunning scenery make it a dream destination. It’s the perfect place for a


Haunted Tales of Downtown Los Angeles

Walking Tours in Los Angeles: Check out 34 reviews and photos of Viator’s Haunted Tales of Downtown Los Angeles


How City of Ghosts Crafted an Inclusive Ode to Los Angeles’s Overlooked Past

City of Ghosts creator Elizabeth Ito explains the storytelling, casting, and animation choices behind the refreshing Netflix all-ages series that features Indigenous languages, a nonbinary character, and kid-friendly discussions on gentrification.

abandoned haunted places near me

In Another Room

When: August 11–27 (Fridays-Sundays)Where: Los Angeles, TBAPrice: $60Runtime: about an hourTags: #mystery, #ghoststory, #intimate, #contentadvisory Ticket Link What started out as a mysterious…


Inside Los Angeles’ Most Haunted Hotel, The Millennium Biltmore


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As awards season descends, take a step inside the iconic Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles, a favored haunt of the old Hollywood elite.


Is the Hollywood Sign Haunted?

Throughout the years, many Griffith Park Rangers have claimed to see “the ghost of the Hollywood sign,” especially on foggy nights. According to legend, the ghost is typically accompanied by the same smell of gardenias jogger Megan Santos said overcame her. It’s reportedly the scent of Entwistle’s favorite perfume.


LA Ghosts – Welcome To The Home Of LA Ghost Tours!

Home of Hollywood, heartbreak, and tragedy. Find out why Los Angeles is the city where dreams are made until they become nightmares…


LA’s haunted landmarks and their ghost stories, mapped

From the Colorado Street Bridge to the Hollywood Sign.

famous haunted places in california

Linda Vista Haunted History

Ghost Adventures investigate the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, CA.


Los Angeles Ghost Stories – Haunted Hollywood Boulevard | American Ghost Walks

Real ghost stories and haunted places around Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles


Los Angeles Public Library

See search results for “Collected Ghost Stories James” in the Los Angeles Public Library digital collection.


Meet East L.A.’s Homegrown Paranormal Investigator Ready to Hunt the Chamucos In Your Haunted House ~ L.A. TACO

Is there life after death? Victor Huesca thinks so, and he has recorded proof of this in his DIY Youtube show to back it up.


haunted parks


Story Map Tour

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The 10 Spookiest Places in Los Angeles

From TV murder houses to decrepit hospitals, here are Los Angeles’s ten most chilling haunted locations.


The 13 Most Haunted Places in Los Angeles, CA | Haunted Rooms America

The following are only a small sampling of the most haunted places in Los Angeles – let’s take a closer look.


The 13 Scariest Places in Los Angeles

We dare you to explore this list of 13 terrifying Los Angeles locations. Some are fictional and some are very, very real. Proceed with caution.

haunted parks in california

The Bite LA is a Standout Halloween Drive-Thru Experience – Haunting

The Bite LA is an epic journey of Halloween delight. It is spooky, satisfying, charming, artistic, creative, and highly entertaining. This is a great experience for haunted house enthusiasts, fans of food (and lots of it), or even a family with children who enjoy scary stories.


The Most Haunted Places in All of California

California’s got just as many haunted places as anywhere else, but most of ours are backed by historic legitimacy — so they’re even scarier.


The Most Haunted Places in Los Angeles

For a little taste of paranormal activity, visit one of these historic L.A. landmarks and be reminded that you are not alone — even when you’re by yourself.


The Polaroid Phantom

For the first time ever on Snap, it’s a ghost story with photographic evidence. Two men living outside of Los Angeles encounter a ghost so undeniable, they have to fight to maintain their sanity.


The Real Haunted Houses of LA | Ivan Estrada Properties

Halloween is coming near, to get in the spirit we bring you some actual HAUNTED HOUSES located in LA

scariest places near me

The story behind Netflix’s quirky, kid-friendly answer to ‘whitewashed’ L.A.

L.A. haters, beware: ‘City of Ghosts’ showrunner Elizabeth Ito explains how she made her gentle, all-ages tribute to our city and its diverse communities.


These Latin American ghost stories and legends will give you chills down your spine!

Don’t watch this alone! From the Chupacabra to La Llorona, these stories have scared people for decades.😱


Top 6 Haunted Places In Los Angeles You Won’t Dare To Visit

Here are 6 haunted places in Los Angeles that will pass chills down your spine. Supernatural events are so common in LA that the city has its own Ghost Hunters.



Book tickets & view the latest movie showtimes for GHOST STORIES at Landmark Theatres Nuart Theatre,CA

ghost bc concert dates

CreepyLA Features and Exclusives

Haunts, Horror, and Halloween


Haunted Hollywood

Legends and stories about supernatural (or just plain eerie) events in Hollywood, California



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